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Acnes No More Bubble Mask

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  • Removes acnes
  • Removes dead skin
  • Corrects dull skin



Product Description

Acne No More Bubble Mask is a cleansing product developed to fight against excessive sebum secretion due to heavy skin protection products and makeup, enlarged pores and preventing acne and other skin problems.

With the help of advanced fermentation technologies, this light foam-textured mask is blended with multi-plant extracts and biochemical elements in the snow-coated foam mask, with its deep cleansing effect, it keeps skin back to its hydro-balance level. In just three minutes, acne, enlarged pore, dull complexion and excessive sebum secretion will be gone without a trace! Its soft, mousse texture allows the masks to reach hard-to-clean areas. When the bubbles turn dark, the cleansing process is completed, just gently massage the dark dirt and all impurities will be remove instantly, your skin will be smooth, soft, tender and flawless.

Benefits: remove acnes, remove dead skin, correct dull skin




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