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PSK-make up remover

– A perfect cleansing tip– let your skin take a deep breath!
– Easy and simple to have a BABY face!
– If you want to have a fair and clear face, you have to choose a right make-up remover. PSK experts found that actually there shouldn’t be too much complicated ingredients added to the cleansing product because it only lasts short time on your face. The simpler ingredients and milder emulsifier make a better cleansing. PSK experts release a perfectly gentle make-up remover—PSK Make-up Remover Cream, contains rosehip oil and aloe, which are able to avoid allergy and alleviate pressure. The creamy texture, which will turn oil when wiped, can gently massage your face without worrying about pull and irritate your skin and eyes and emulsifying and dissolving the dirt at the same time. We use no-tear formula which makes cleansing more comfortable and it is able to remove both your face and mouth make-up at one time. Furthermore, vitamin E cleansing ingredients and long-last moisturizing elements is added, which enhance the moisture and prevent the pores from obstruction; the vitamin also has anti-aging effect. You only need one bottle of this to do the cleansing and skincare, helping you remove your makeup


– Using “cream” to do the cleansing is the trend.
– There are hundreds of make-up removing products, most of which are cleansing oils and cleansing lotions. However, some customers are afraid of the greasy feeling of cleansing oil and doubt the possibility of obstructing pores. Therefore, they start using frost-like powder or lotion, which is milder, inirritative and safer. PSK’s make-up remover is creamy texture, but gentle and non-sticky, which is fresher and cooler and able to remove face, eyes and mouth makeup. Not only satisfying the need of removing whole face’s makeup and the disturbance of being smeared that cleansing lotion and oil can’t solve, PSK’s Make-up Remover Cream fix it all. It can massage the skin and dissolve the dirt, which is the “hottest” make-up removing skincare product. With the shea butter, rosehip oil and aloe extraction, the formula of PSK Make-up Remover Cream is much simpler, mild and inirritative. If you like a fresh and cool cleansing skincare product, we recommend your PSK Make-up Remover Cream.
– First step: an easy cleansing way
– PSK experts indicated that the most important part of skincare is actually removing makeup and cleansing. After you remove your makeup, your skin can take a breath and absorb the following skincare products, maximizing the result! Generally, women wear makeup for 5-10 hours a day; no matter it’s light makeup or durable makeup, the dirt or the polluted air will pile up on your face and result in skin problems like dark and coarse skin or even aging skin. PSK releases a whole new Make-up Remover Cream; only massaging in circle after applying on your skin, the originally creamy texture will dissolve the makeup, even running into your eyes is no stimulation. It’s easy to remove your face, eyes and mouth makeup at one time!


– SPA your skin three times a week. Just use cherry-size cream on your face and massage carefully about 3-5 minutes to attain deep cleansing effect. The moisturizing elements of the product can lock the water; even after removing the makeup, you will feel your skin silky and not greasy, not too dry, and obviously feel your skin is breathing!
– How to use
– To keep your face and hands dry, you can use the stick to dig the remover cream and separately apply it on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, gently massaging it to merge the cream and the makeup together. Finally, clean it with water. Some parts, like eyes and lips, are suggested to wipe out by cleansing cotton before the water.
– Main ingredients
– Shea Butter: a rare grease extracted from the “Shea”fruit, rich in non-saponifiable ingredients to main the elasticity and metabolism of the skin.
– Rosehip oil: extracted from fresh rose hips by using cold compression method, and store in the fridge at once after filtered. It can enhance the flexibility of your skin and anti-aging; even for allergic skin, it can perfectly repair and nurture your skin.
– Propylene Glycol: a solvent, humectant, viscosity control agent, and no-color and insipid liquid. It can dissolve in the water and no greasy feeling. The molecule can keep the water in the cuticle.Aloe Extraction: extracted from Texas-plant fresh aloe, containing amino acid and carbohydrate, has very good moisturizing effect. Rich in moisturizing ingredients, which can preserve water, nurture the skin and serve the water. It can be applied after sun-burned skin.


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