Lipstick – (Orange Red #M03)



Product Description


Lipstick - (Orange Red #M03)



– Specialization
– Light weight and moisturizing effect.
– Perfect color.
– Silky and delicate texture softens your lips in just a split second.
– Perfectly embellish the lip color.
– Hydrate your lips with plumped and clear-cut shine.

– Feature
– Source of inspiration:
– Delicate design with inspiring sound every time you open it.
– Unleash the French make-up artist talent in you every time you use it.
– Source of satisfaction:
– Feel the rich contentment every time it touches your lips.
– Nourish your lips with high concentrated moisturizer and complete fulfillment experience.
– Source of sensation:
– Experience the exceptional sensation in your lips.
– Luminous glow that you could not have imagined.
– Eight colors to choose.

– Uses
– Use lip balm as the foundation.
– Apply PSK Lipstick evenly onto the area within the lip contour.
– If you are in the jelly-textured makeup, moderately applying some LED Glitter Bloss on your labial tubercle and part of the lower lip will top it off glisteningly. It will you smooth and high-shine lips.


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