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Underarm Whitening Lotion (Buy 1 Take 1)

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Product Description

Bright Me Whitening Lotion

No more black, rough and unsightly underarms! Reduce embarrassing underarms aftershave dots! Shills Bright Me Whitening Lotion is suitable for underarms, back, bust and the bikini zone. It’s a must-have this summer.

With natural soymilk ingredients, it astringes rough pores after hair removal, moisturizes skin, and slows down the hair growth. Green tea extract and Prasterone effectively reduces pigmentation and dead skin to reveal tender looking crystal skin. Say “GoodBye” to underarm odor and feel the freshness all day!

Key ingredients:
Natural moisturizing factors, Mulberry extract, Green tea extract, Wild soybean, Aloe Barbadensis and α-arbutin.

Direction to use:

Step 1: Apply proper amount to underarms.

Step 2: For better results, use it just after hair removal to soften hair and slow down hair growth.

Volume: 120ml






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