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    Bust Firming & Up Cream

    ₱899.00 ₱699.00
    • Bust Up Cream is non greasy, easily absorbed as it contains of nono molecules which enable it penetrate into deeper layers of skin easily and achieve BUST UP effect.
    • Specially designed rosehip bust up cream for intimate care.
    • Additional of natural gentle ingredients rosehip, yam and activating cytokines extract enable we maintain good S curve and elasticity in the aging process.
  • On Sale

    Love Me Sexy Pink (lips & nipples & groin area)

    ₱1,490.00 ₱699.00
    • Lightens dark nipples
    • Removes dead skin cells to reveal new, pinker skin
    • Nourishes the sheer pink lips and nipple in seconds
    • Maintaining the healthy pink glow of the skin with triple protections.